Autism Treatment

28 July 2004

Autism and ABA

My name is Lisa Barsness. I am currently the Clinic Director of the Minnesota Early Autism Project, Inc. in MN and a graduate student in Applied Behavior Analysis at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN. This is my first blog, but I am doing this for fun and to have a chance to share and exchange resources regarding the behavioral treatment of autism. Here are a few of my favorite autism websites to get started:

Some helpful websites: (Mark Durand’s Motivation Assessment Scale, helpful in determining functions of disruptive behaviors) (has some good info on interactive play strategies) (my favorite, lots of great ideas!) (very comprehensive list of autism resources for parents) (Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies) (Association for Science and Autism Treatment, non-profit organization) (great site to find project ideas, theme related activities, peer play activities) (tons of information related to autism and PDD) (Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention website) (practical tips and ideas for treatment) (our parent company, WEAP, has a great website with links to their new research!)

Looking forward to blogging!

Lisa M. Barsness
Minnesota Early Autism Project, Inc.
St. Cloud State University

**Please be aware that information and/or opinions contained in this blog are not necessarily those of the Minnesota Early Autism Project, Inc. but rather that of the author.


  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger Campbell said…

    Good to see that you are up and running Lisa. Way to go..I am sure that your clients will be interested in what you have to say, perhaps your staff as well...ever thought of using it this way?



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