Autism Treatment

28 August 2004

Updating my blog...

OK, OK...I am new at this and need to update more frequently. I am going to try to add new posts every week! This is dangerous though, anyone who knows me knows that a place for me to talk about whatever I want is not safe!! Although I am sure my husband will appreciate me having an outlet-then he won't have to pretend to listen to me ramble:)

Here I am blogging when I should be working on my thesis. Imagine that. So my thesis, here is where I am at with that... my topic is reducing stereotypical behavior in children with autism. I am replicating a study by Cathleen Piazza where she compared the effects of matched versus unmatched stimuli on stereotypical behavior. "Matched" essentially meaning that it hypothetically MATCHES the same sensory need as the target behavior. I have gotten approval from the Institutional Review Board on my methods, and now comes the hard part...implementing it! I am working on coming up with good, clear, operational definitions of the stereotypical behaviors of the children participating in the study. What a big job! This has definatley given me so much respect for people who do research for a living. Anyway, this week I need to complete those definitions and meet one of the participants that I have not met yet. So, lets hope by this time next week I have completed that!!

I hope when I have finished this thesis, that I understand a little bit more about the stereotypical behavior of individuals with autism. It is one of the most difficult and complex areas to address in treatment, that's for sure.