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09 November 2005

New Clinic!

Yes, way too long since I updated this! It occured to me that I needed to update my blog as I have been working with a new organization since July this year. I am working on the development of a new ABA clinic for children with autism, the Minnesota Early Autism Project, Inc. I am so excited to be working with Dr. Glen Sallows, Tamlynn Graupner and the wonderful people at the Wisconsin Early Autism Project again! Prior to moving to Minnesota, I worked at WEAP for 9 years or so, and being able to open a clinic in Minnesota with WEAP as our parent company is a great opportunity for me. Most importantly, families with children with autism will now have another choice when looking for treatment providers. Unfortuantely, many of the treatment providers in the twin cities are primarily in the cities. MEAP will serve the northwest metro area up to St. Cloud and other areas as needed.

I will post updates on the status of MEAP throughout the next few months!

Lisa Barsness
Clinic Director
Minnesota Early Autism Project, Inc.
P.O. Box 59
Albertville, MN 55301
763-390-0832 (office)


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